Case Direct Mailing BliQje Fyndoo

Do you want to send an original direct mailing? And are you looking for a direct mailing that can be used for different purposes? Then it is BliQje the perfect direct mailing for this.

BliQje Fyndoo

Fyndoo has used the BliQje to look back on 2019. As you can see, you can use original word choices/slogans to attract the recipient's attention. The BliQje is an original, chic but also an effective tool for a mailing.

The advantage of this direct mail is that it does not have a standard shipping package, but is actually just a message in a can. The BliQje that Fyndoo has chosen is the BliQje – Slide Open. Slide the lid off the BliQje and the recipient will find an insert card in this eye-catching mailing. Are you looking for a direct mailing in which you can add a gift? Then this BliQje is perfect for you direct mail to steer. In addition, the BliQje can be reused thanks to the sliding lid.

BliQje sliding lid

There are also various variants available for the filling, such as the accordion card that Fyndoo has used. Do you want to lose a lot of information? Then it is best to choose the accordion card. It is 440 mm long and consists of five parts. You can not only put information here, but also an image.

BliQje with Accordion card

Sending a direct mailing was never as easy as with the BliQje. In addition, we make it easier for you and send the direct mailing to the recipients. So you are looking for a direct mailing that can be used for many different purposes. Think of a give-away, moving card or as a marketing tool to draw attention to the announcement of a new product. Then go for the BliQje direct mailing.

Became curious? Ask one sample On! Already convinced? Ask one quotation On! Do you have an idea about the format of the mailing? We like to think along with you, the possibilities are endless.