Case Direct Mailing End of Year Mailing Hexagon Pen Tray Plaxis

Last week we launched the Hexagon Pen Tray in collaboration with Plaxis. This new form of direct mail is a mailing product that can be used for many different purposes. Plaxis has chosen to use this budget mailer as year-end mailing. Plaxis has designed a 2016 calendar for this purpose for the Hexagon Pen Tray. In addition, the direct mail contains additional information about the company. The combination of a message with a functionality, such as a diary and pen tray, ensures a long-lasting effect. The recipient can leave the pen tray on the desk all year round. The Hexagon Pen Tray is printed in full colour. In addition, Plaxis also had the envelope printed in the same style as the pen tray. With a matching envelope and accompanying letter, this direct mail has become a whole. The recipient received a complete package, with information about the company, a usable direct mailing product and a beautifully printed envelope.

Hexagon Pen Tray and other direct mail as end-of-year mailing

Plaxis specifically has the Hexagon Pen Tray used as a year-end mailing. The shape is unique and functional and has a lot of communication space. But the other direct mailings from LocoMail can also be used as end-of-year mailings. An end-of-year mailing does not necessarily contain a calendar, it can also contain a Christmas wish, New Year's wish, an end-of-year promotion or an invitation for a drink. Choose the direct mail that suits your message and surprise your recipient with a striking direct mail and a personal wish for the holidays.

Other ways to use direct mail

In addition to the end-of-year mailing, you can also use direct mailing products for other occasions. The biggest advantage of the Hexagon Pen Tray, Hexagon Pen Holder and Out of the Box Pen Holder is that they have a function. The recipient can use the direct mail products on the desk. Because your company is prominently displayed, your company name will remain in the memory of the recipient for longer. Include information about your company, an upcoming event, or information about a new product. Also all direct mail products of LocoMail without a functional feature stand out among other direct mailings. Is the Hexagon Pen Tray also the direct mail you want to send? Or are you curious about the possibilities of another direct mailing product? Then request a quote without obligation.