From concept to reality: XYZ Creative Agency and LocoMail

In 2023, the companies decided Maasdam and Knauf collaborate on a new project: offering raised floors. These floors provide space for, for example, the installation of electricity, data and ventilation and installation facilities under the tiles. To share this news in a creative and impactful way, Maasdam knocked on the door of XYZ Creative Agency, an advertising agency that creates campaigns based on data and creativity. They aimed to create a direct mailing that was not only informative but also captured the imagination. This is how they then ended up with LocoMail.

The mailing had to have a visually stunning effect, where it looked like balloons rising from an imaginary hole in the ground. This symbolised the innovative raised floor that Maasdam and Knauf were selling. Soon, therefore, XYZ Creative Agency opted for a Pop-up Card. Indeed, the opportunity to create with this card, a real pop-up element, provided the perfect opportunity to convey the essence of the product in a memorable way.

The card, designed by XYZ Creative Agency in collaboration with LocoMail, included not only a pop-up effect, but also functional elements. A clever QR code on the card sent recipients directly to the landing page, where they could obtain detailed information about the raised floors.

With plenty of space on both the front and back of the card, XYZ Creative Agency was able to convey Maasdam and Knauf's message in an effective and attractive way. The mailing proved a great success, with the pop-up attracting attention and spreading the message of raised floors in an unforgettable way.

The collaboration between XYZ Creative Agency and LocoMail showed clever ideas and creativity can capture attention! Inspired by this case and looking for a unique mailing yourself? Then get in touch with us!