Direct Mail Mailing XXL Hosting Mailbox Box+

XXL Hosting has been active in the hosting market for more than 20 years. They manage more than 30,000 websites and have already seen many customers grow online. They wanted to approach potential customers to inform them about XXL Hosting and its services. The Letterbox Box + turned out to be the perfect tool for this.  

Case XXL Hosting 

The sealed letterbox box+ contains, among other things, a hotel card with a QR code. The hotel pass symbolizes the ''online hotel'' that XXL Hosting hosts. For example, you can use an original choice of words or slogan to attract the attention of the recipient and strengthen the brand experience. By scanning the QR code on the card, the recipient can access the XXL Hosting website in an accessible way. In addition to the code, there is also a card in the box with more information about the company.  

Possibilities Mailbox box + 

A letterbox box+ can be put together entirely according to your wishes. For example, there are all kinds of sizes and closures of the box. In addition, you can determine the content of the box yourself, such as a card or a small gift. The direct mailing does not need an envelope, because it is completely sealed. This keeps the box tightly closed and prevents it from being damaged during shipping. A separate address carrier can be stuck on the packaging, so that it does not have to be processed on the box itself.  

Are you interested in a letterbox box+ for your company? Look at here all possibilities. If you would like to see the direct mailing in real life, it is possible to order a sample box to be sent. This way you can make the best possible choice. It is also possible to have one obligation free quote of all our direct mailings. We are happy to get started for you!