Pinterest is a digital bulletin board where you 'pin' your interests. You can compare it to a mood board. But why would you as a company stand in between?

As a company, you can easily share images of your products with the world. For example, do you have eye-catching, unique or best-selling products? Then put them on pinterest. For example, Locomix stands with LocoMail on Pinterest.

SEO by Pinterest

Because you can add your own text to each image, this medium is ideal for SEO. Put a hashtag with a word you want to be found with and guaranteed that you will be found better in Google. Pinterest links Facebook and/or Twitter. Whenever you as a company youtube, LinkedIN and perhaps Tumblr and Instagram and Google sees you more and more as a round company. And for consumers or your customers, the advantage is that they can choose which platform they follow you on.

Social Media Project

Another advantage of social media is that you can quickly post an update about your company. You don't have to change the entire homepage, but you can quickly send out a message about a project. For example, think of a photo on Pinterest, an announcement on Twitter and an extensive story on Facebook. Google will then find links back to your website on three social media pages, making it easier to find.

Gather ideas

At the moment, Pinterest is mainly used by people with a hobby or who are looking for inspiration for a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, for example. But more and more graphic designers and marketers are finding their way to Pinterest. This way they are the first to know about the latest trends, great products and hypes.


The danger of all new social media is that people become socially tired. And also that companies spend a lot of time with SEO and have less time left for 'real' projects. Because for a good SEO you now have to participate in:

And don't forget: To really be found as a company on Google, you must also keep a blog on your own site about your products and regularly send out a press release, so that news sites also write about you. It is also good to keep at least 1 blog outside your own website.

And don't forget Link Building! Because without links on other sites that refer back to your own site, you can shake it.

So as a company, definitely go to Pinterest, keep it up to date, but don't immediately invest all your time in it. Because otherwise there will be no time left for other SEO activities. And don't forget: Your customers and consumers live in the real world. So send one too direct mail out by mail. Because your customer is probably at home every day, but not every day on all those social media.