''A tempting invitation is vital for a successful event,'' says High Profile Events, a platform for the events industry. By sending a good and tempting event invitation, the attention value is increased by the trigger of an original invitation. LocoMail has been known for years for enticing invitations such as the Out of the Box Card or the Turning Card.

To invite is a game of seduction; you have to give the feeling that the guests are indispensable. In an invitation it is important to give people a reason why they should come to your event. The enticing invitation event is important for this. High Profile Events advises to clearly map out your intended target group. It is important to ask the following questions:

  • How often is your guest invited to other events?
  • How busy is your guest?
  • Why should your guest spend their time at your event?
  • Which style suits your guests?

In our view, the last two questions in particular are crucial. In short, what information are you going to communicate to your visitors? What style do you give an invitation? These are topics that we like to think about together with you in order to achieve the best result.

look at the Direct Mail from LocoMail to get more inspiration on how an original invitation can look like.

Source: High Profile Events