direct mail costs

What direct mailing costs should you consider?

If you plan to direct mail to use for your company to increase your visibility or to thank business relations in an original way for the great cooperation, you have come to the right place at Locomail. In our range you will find various direct mailings that have a unique surprise effect. It has been found that with a unique mailing, the message stays with the customer longer, which can result in contact and leads. Isn't that what every company wants?!

Of course there are costs associated with direct mailing, which expenses you should consider, we will gladly explain to you.

Direct mailing costs differ per direct mail

There is a suitable direct mail available for every message, it is important to look at the size of the message you want to put on it and the surprise effect.

ect you want your customer to experience. What the direct mailing costs will be for you depends on which direct mailing you go for. The rule here is that the more extensive the form of the mailing, the higher the rate. Also take into account the size and weight of the direct mail. The larger and heavier the higher the direct mailing costs will be. Other parts that you should take into account for direct mailing is, do you choose a:

Pop-up house

  • Blank envelope
  • Full color printed envelope
  • Full color double sided printed envelope
  • Insert card printed on both sides or on one side

What is the purpose of the direct mailing

You can use direct mail for several reasons. This could be to thank your employees for their hard work this year or would you rather have a stock on hand when a colleague has a birthday or retires? Direct mail can also be used in the business field, let people get to know your (new) company, product or service by announcing it in a unique way. This will definitely be appreciated as real mail is so much more fun.

If you have made a choice from our range, you can indicate during the ordering process how you and to whom we may ship it. Are you going for a direct mail that we deliver to the recipient on the doormat or do you use it as a flyer to hand out at the fair? Locomail can take care of the direct mailing from A to Z for you, of course there will be an additional cost on top of the direct mailing costs if you choose to have it delivered to the recipient by us.

A high response with the right investment

It is important to bear in mind that the direct mailing costs must outweigh the benefits. If no leads come out, it's a waste of the money you put into it. It is therefore important that the direct mailing contains sufficient triggering information to generate as much response as possible. For example, consider:

  • Answer sheet
  • Personal QR code
  • Discount code
  • Send sample

Would you like to know what the direct mailing costs will be for you? Please feel free to contact us or ask a question quotation On. The minimum purchase of a direct mail at is 20 pieces.