Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card Kwekkeboom

Kwekkeboom is a strong brand name that can no longer be ignored in freezer compartments. They wanted a V-fold card with Pop-up for the introduction of the beautiful new Oven & Airfryer packaging. A mailing that immediately "catches the eye" and attracts attention due to its striking effect.

V-fold card with Pop-up Kwekkeboom Example

A tasty V-fold card

The V-fold card was used by Kwekkeboom to clearly communicate the renewed packaging of the Oven & Airfryer snacks. The mailing is designed in the style of the new packaging. Including the pattern used in the new design of the snacks. The pop-up in the middle of the card makes it immediately clear where the mailing is about and the text responds to the design of the card. The mailing was delivered in a matching envelope in the same colors so that it had an identical appearance. The specifications of the card were as follows:

– 300 grams of sulphate cardboard
– finished with matt lacquer against scratches

The Pop-up mailing is available in two standard sizes: 200x200mm and 150x150mm, but you can always contact us for different wishes. If you have a different pop-up effect in mind, this can also be discussed in order to arrive at the perfect mailing. Do not hesitate to contact us to see if your wishes are possible.

Special Mailing for every purpose

The Pop-up Card worked well for the client's purpose in this case because the format and the 2-dimensional pop-up grab the reader's attention right away. The purpose of our direct mailings also lies in conveying your message in an appropriate manner. This may be with a V-fold card, but it may also very well be that another direct mailing is more suitable for your purpose. At LocoMail we think it is important that the mailing matches the goal you have in mind. That is why we like to think along with you about the most suitable option for your message. With our years of experience and your goal, we come together to a beautiful product that is guaranteed to attract attention.