Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Vekoma

The Twin Sliders direct mail with an exciting surprise: the Twin Slider for Vekoma. The sliding card has LocoMail in all shapes and sizes. The Twin Slider is a direct mailing that arouses the curiosity of the recipient. And that is what the Twin Sliders direct mail certainly does for Vekoma. The design immediately grabs the recipient's attention.

Twin Slider Vekoma

Striking design

By pulling the right panel, a panel will appear on the other side at the same time. Vekoma has made good use of the card's shape and surprise effect. The roller coaster continues in the side panels. In addition, the image of the roller coaster fits perfectly with the slogan on the front of the Slider. This Twin Slider is produced on an Indigo and finished with a matt laminate. In addition to a good quality print, this also gives the card a luxurious look.

Vekoma Twin Slider

The back of the Twin Slider is used as a brochure. This explains what Vekoma does and what they stand for. In addition, they have also posted their contact details here. These striking Twin Sliders direct mail can not only be used as a brochure, but also as a giveaway or to introduce a new product. If you have an idea for a special Twin Slider, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This unique sliding card is printed in full color in its entirety. The size of the sliding card is extended 100mm x 412mm. The extended panels are 96mm x 134mm. The Twin Sliders direct mail can be ordered as a self-mailer or, if desired, we can insert it in an envelope.

Twin Sliders Vekoma

Curious about the operation and possibilities of this unique card? Request one without obligation demo pack and/or quotation On. Are you unsure whether this direct mailing is suitable for your message? Then take a look at our other mailing products.