Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Slide-out card The Rijks VMBO Campus

To inform the recipients about a move, the Rijks VMBO campus has de Twin Slider Have a slide card made. The Rijks VMBO campus has chosen to use this informative mailing, so that they can easily convey their information to the recipient. The Twin Slider Slider Card is an informative mailing, which guarantees a high attention value due to the sliding effect.

The sliding map for the state VMBO campus.

On the front of the card you will see the text 'Relocation notice' in large. The logo of the Rijks VMBO campus with an image of moving boxes behind it can also be seen on the front of the direct mail. If you pull on the right side of this card, 2 more pages will appear. An image is printed on the left side of children pulling a moving box. More information about the move is given on the right side.

Extended map for the Rijks VMBO campus.

The Twin slider direct mail gives you the option to transfer a lot of information in a clear way to the recipient in an original way. The Sliding Card can be designed entirely according to your own wishes. You can print the direct mail in full colour. This can be done in the house style of your company.

You can direct mail to approach a large group of recipients quickly and personally. Direct mail is mainly used by companies to explain information about their product/company. Direct mail can also be used to announce a collaboration.

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