Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Van Elst

The Twin Slider can be used for various purposes. Also as a special and striking Save the Date card. Van Elst Grafische Afwerking preceded your company through this one slide-out card to send to its customers. The message of the card is immediately clear from the text on the front of the direct mailing: 'Choose a side'. The surprise effect of the Twin Slider also fits in perfectly with this message. By pulling the right panel, a panel comes out of the map simultaneously on the left and right. On the left side you can choose option A and on the right side option B. Van Elst Graphic Finishing has also made this direct mailing interactive, by letting customers pass on their choice via a reference with a QR code. This is stated on the back of the card. By entering the choice on the website, the customers are sent the date. Because this information is stated on the back of the card, the recipient is first made curious by the message on the front. The front and back, just like the panels, are completely printed in the desired layout.

Save the Date card on a Twin Slider direct mail for Van Elst

Save the Date card or any other message to your DM

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