Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Nutricia

Nutricia is the best-known provider of baby and infant nutrition. To inform medical professionals about a new exclusive platform, Nutricia has sent the Twin slider direct mailer. This platform, called Nutricia Academy, offers medical professionals access to news, events and a library from this industry. This way they can read news about products and services, articles and studies. In addition, the target group can easily register for Nutricia's events, conferences and masterclasses on the platform. The Twin Slider is one of ours DM examples that can be used for this purpose.

Twin Slider extension card Nutricia direct mailing

The Twin Slider as a unique pull-out card for direct mailing

The Twin Slider is a DM that consists of two slide-out sections on which additional information can be entered. Pulling the right panel will reveal all two sections on either side. As a result, the Twin Slider has a unique surprise effect and will immediately stand out as soon as the target group receives it. A nice advantage of this direct mailing is that the Twin Slider is a self-mailer. This Twin Slider is sent without an envelope, and therefore stands out among the regular mail items.

The direct mail can be fully personalized, in addition to the possibility to change the slide-out card can be printed in full color on 6 surfaces. You can easily supply your own design by requesting our layout files and work instructions via the website. This original direct mailing can be used for various purposes. Think of the introduction of a new product, the opening of a new branch or as an informative give-away during a trade fair.

Are you curious about all the possibilities? Or do you have a specific question about this product? Then please contact our employees. They are happy to help you set up the perfect direct mailing.