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The Hilton Hotel is an international hotel that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Recently, a new hotel branch of the Hilton chain opened near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. To properly introduce this new hotel and bring it to the attention of the target group, the Turning Card business card was used. The business card is printed in full colour with the Hilton Hotel's own design. Inside the Turning Card, a QR code is hidden. When the code is scanned, more information about the opening appears: a playful way to spread a communication message.

Turning Card versatile direct mail

The Turning Card is an original concept that uses a playful surprise effect. Its enormous versatility makes it a product with unprecedented attention value. After each cover, the recipient receives more and more information. This creates a surprise effect and makes the recipient curious. This folding system also makes a huge amount of content available. Afraid the business card is too small? No worries, we have several sizes such as: 12×16 cm, A5 or even 20×20 cm! We have a creative solution for every message. If you want to use it as direct mail, we can provide it with an envelope. A full-colour printed envelope is also possible. Would you like to try something different and approach your target group effectively? Then this is your creative solution! Approach your target group with our Turning Card and have them fold to your creative communication message.

Curious about the possibilities of the Klapkaart?

Curious about what Turning Card can do for you? Then take a look at the website and see what LocoMail has to offer. Do you see a suitable product, but the design is not entirely to your liking? Then contact one of the employees, they will be happy to think along with you to come up with a successful mailing. And who knows, maybe next time you will send your invitations or brochures with the direct mail LocoMail products.


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