Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Reinaerdt

Reinaerdt has chosen to use this Turning Card to tell a little more about their company and what Reinaerdt stands for. The Turning Card is a unique Direct Mail that ensures that you can make good use of the space on the card in a clear way. This is because every time you fold the map, new information emerges.

The vision of reinaerdt

On the front cover of this Direct Mail you will see two Reinaerdt employees with the text 'Our DNA' underneath. On the back is the Reinaerdt logo, their company information and they explain what the content of the card is about. If you now open the card, you will see a text. There Reinaerdt explains what they stand for as a company and what they do the work for.

Back side Turning Card

The Turning Card ensures that you convey your desired information to the recipient in a special and eye-catching way. This Direct Mail has different formats. You have Turning Cards from business card format to brochure format. Reinaerdt has reflected their house style in this Direct Mail. They mainly use the colors white and yellow. That also ensures that this Direct Mail comes across as more professional.

Direct Mail can be used for many purposes. Companies mainly use Direct Mail to inform people about their company, to introduce a product or as an invitation to a party or event.

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