Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Stada Group

Stada Group has chosen De Turning Card to introduce a new product, De Fultivit 3-D. The Turning Card Direct Mail is a unique way of Mailing that ensures that information can be transferred in an orderly manner. That's because every time you fold the map, new information emerges.

The outside of the Turning Card Direct Mail

The logo of Stada Group can be seen on the front of this Turning Card, along with the new product they are introducing. When you fold the card for the first time, more is told about the product. If you then fold the card again, similar products will be shown. when you fold the card for the last time, you will see the instructions for use of the Fultivit 3-D.

More information emerges each time you fold the card

The Turning Card ensures that you convey your desired information to the recipient in a special and eye-catching way. This Direct Mail has different formats. There are Turning Cards with the size of a business card up to the size of a brochure. Stada Group has reflected the company's corporate identity in the design. Stada Group uses the same light colors as on their website. Because the house style is well reflected in the DM, Stada Group comes across as professional!

Direct Mail can be used for many different purposes. Direct Mail is mainly used to invite the recipient to a party/event or to introduce a new product.

Has this unique method of Direct Mail aroused your interest and/or do you have questions about the Turning Card? Please feel free to contact us or request one for free sample box or quotation On!