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Brandbridge connects companies, brands and products with their target audience. To bridge the gap between their own company and their customers, they have used our direct mail: the Turning Card. The Turning Card as a marketing tool fits Brandbridge perfectly; the Klapkaart is just as versatile as this company! The different sides of Brandbridge consist of marketing and communication, web development and new product development. With attention to the target group, knowledge about the market and an authentic message, Brandbrige delivers a quality service in interdisciplinary project management. The Turning Card fits perfectly with Brandbridge's direct marketing to 'literally' show the company's versatility. The QR code on this direct mail is unique; By scanning this code, the recipient is forwarded to a page where more information can be found. The perfect combination of physical direct mail and online.

Turning Card offers endless options

The original Turning Card, also known as a folding card, has an unprecedented high attention value. Although the card looks a bit 'ordinary', it still has a huge surprise effect. When the Turning Card is unfolded, the receiver continues to fold. After each fold, new information is released, which triggers curiosity enormously. Due to the enormous content, there is more than enough space to express your communication message. Because our direct mail is so versatile, we also offer more variants: business card up to a size of 20 × 20 cm. We offer a suitable format for every communication message. Because we can also provide the Turning Card with an envelope, which is also printed in full color, it is possible to send the direct mail. Are you looking for a direct mail that provides an unforgettable memory? Then the Turning Card is definitely recommended. Approach your target group with our Turning Card and, just like Brandbrige, build bridges with an original communication message!

Curious about the possibilities of the Klapkaart?

Are you curious about what the Turning Card can mean for you? Then take a look at the website and see what options LocoMail offers. Do you see a suitable product, but is the design not entirely to your liking? Please contact one of the employees, they are happy to think along with you to achieve a successful mailing. And who knows, next time you will send your invitations or brochures with the  direct mail  LocoMail products.


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