Case Direct Mailing Turning Card EuroSys

EuroSys has the Turning Card used as a unique business invitation for the EuroSys Business2Beach Event. After all, a unique location for an event requires a unique invitation. Due to the use of the largest possible variant of 20 x 20 cm, a lot of extra information could be included on the card. This makes the invitation not only informative and striking, but also very remarkable for the target group.

EuroSys has deliberately chosen to rotate the map 90 degrees. Having the card printed tilted is especially advantageous if a lot of information will be shared with the direct mail. The text will be better aligned if there are larger text blocks. In addition, EuroSys has chosen to make the card look more luxurious by having the DM printed digitally with an indigo printer. The results of this printing method are less grainy and the quality of the paper is better. In addition, indigo printing is also very suitable for printing short runs.

Turning Card as business B2B invitation event EuroSys

The benefits of the Turning Card

Due to the effect of the Turning Card spinning indefinitely, new information and new photos keep appearing. The target group will become curious about the rest of the message and will therefore read everything carefully. Because of the many communication spaces on this direct mailing, more information can be shared than just information about the upcoming event. For example, additional information can be shared about the organization, such as experiences, history or USPs. EuroSys got the most out of the DM by finding a perfect balance between them. We offer you the option of having the envelope printed in full color in your company's house style, so that the direct mailing will be sent as one unique whole. It is optional to add an extra insert card. This can, for example, be an added value if you would like to add an RSVP card.

Check out our dm examples to get inspired by these and other possibilities. Do you have any questions? Then please contact one of our employees. Together we can develop the ideal direct mailing that matches your organisation, target group and communication message.