Case Direct Mailing Twin Sliders Cross Over

Do you want to convey information that you want to be sure is clear? Use the Twin Slider as a tool to accomplish this! By explaining the case of the company Cross Over, you give an idea of the possible application of the Twin Slider. Who knows, this is also your Direct Mailing product!

Transfer information with the Twin Slider
Slide open the Twin Slider and reveal all the information

Commissioned by the Cross Over brand, we have developed a clear information card in the form of the sliding card Twin Slider. Cross over is a company that develops initiatives to recruit technical professionals, start a development process and ensure that they commit to a company. As an organization they were looking for a way to pass on information that had two sides: information about the organization and information with handles for the employee during the onboarding process. This meant that the two texts had to be clearly separated from each other. Because the Twin Slider has 2 wings that are extended when reading the card, the various information could be placed on it. The complementary colors made this card an eye-catcher!

The Sliding card used here is also a handy and durable card. You can simply slide the wings with info back in and keep the card for when you want to read the info again. With full color printing you are assured of a unique and very clear mailing.

Are you curious about what we can do for you regarding a sliding card as a unique direct mailing? Feel free to contact us. We are at your service by mail, telephone and via our chat! Also take a look around Slider Cards overview, because the Twin Slider is not the only sliding card that we have included in our range.