Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Pyramid Belimo

The Pyramid pop-up can be used for various messages, but the special form of the mailing comes into its own best in a design that makes use of this feature. Belimo combines different expressions on the Pyramid mailing; from an announcement of the move to a New Year's wish. The Belimo Pyramid mailing also responds graphically to the shape of the direct mailing product: Together to the Top. This slogan in combination with the graphic reference to a mountain top makes the Pop up Pyramid and thus the message gets extra power.

Pop up Pyramid: Together to the Top by Belimo.

Pyramid mailings and matching expressions

As mentioned, the mailing is enhanced if the graphic design matches the shape of the product. A Pyramid or triangle can of course evoke different associations; a pyramid, the top of a mountain, and also companies can often be divided into a pyramid shape in terms of organizational structure. This and many more associations make the Pyramid Pop-up the perfect basis for your direct mailing. Because not only will the pop-up effect of the mailing amaze the recipient, the form and accompanying layout will impress. And this impression will ultimately ensure that your message sticks and possibly encourages your target group to take action.

As you are used to from us, the Pyramid is printed in full color in your own design. The shipping packaging can also be printed in full colour, which will not only trigger the recipient to open the mailing, it also ensures recognition with your customer, and also gives you the opportunity to communicate just a little more.

Send a Pop-up Pyramid?

Do you have your own idea about how you can match the Pop-up Pyramid mailing to your message? But would you like to gain more insight into the extra possibilities with regard to the envelope, address and postage costs? Do not hesitate and contact one of our employees without obligation. They are not only happy to think along with you about using the physical mailing products but also for the possibilities within a certain budget. Is the Pop-up Pyramid your direct mail? Request a quote or demo without obligation.