Case Direct Mailing Rotary card Boom Verweij FNV

We are already convinced that the Turning Card is the perfect Turning Card direct mail, but today we will discuss the experience of Boom + Verweij. They ordered a very interesting option of the endless card for their customer, namely a round card. A round mailing that continues to run just as easily as the square variant is a unique sight and therefore deserves some explanation.

Boom Verweij FNV Rotary Card Direct Mail

Revolving card Direct Mail to promote FNV

Boom + Verweij supplied the printing for this case itself. That is one of the things they specialize in. In this case, our turnkey direct mail expertise has been deployed to complement their services. The final Turning Card was used to promote the FNV. With every fold, the reader is further informed about what the union entails and what it can mean for him/her. 

The specifications of this round card are:

  • Card diameter: 150mm
  • Material: 400 grams sulphate cardboard, laminated on one side
  • Weight: 15 grams

Surprising Direct Mailings

At LocoMail we specialize in unique direct mailing products. The Rotary card direct mail is one of our many options. The surprise effect of the Turning Card lends itself perfectly to step-by-step narration or reveal. Please take a look at our others direct mail products. This way you can make a good assessment of which mailing best suits your message. Interested in the round Endless Card? Then request one for free sample or send us one for free quote request. We are happy to help you find your perfect mailing.