More and more nautical companies are sending them invitations with a message in a bottle, sees the Utrecht Print-to-Print company LocoMail. “Mail in a bottle fits in well with shipping”, owner Martijn Feenstra explains the popularity.

“We recently got the christening of a megaship announced with a message in a bottle, more than 200 guests received the invitation at home.” Small companies also opt for the message in a bottle when they go sailing. “We also often see companies asking their staff for a company outing via a message in a bottle. They often go sailing for a day with a charter ship.”

Message in a bottle over water

And even training and consulting firms used the message in a bottle to invite people to a symposium on water. “If the theme is water or sailing, then a message in a bottle fits in very well,” says Feenstra. The SS Rotterdam has also placed a large order for a campaign later this year. “Actually, a message in a bottle should become the standard for invitations from ships!” Feenstra laughs.

Send bottle mail

The lightweight bottles are made of plastic and can be sent by post without being damaged. The invitation is rolled up in the bottle. “The invitation is printed on both sides and can be designed by our team of designers, but customers often provide their own design.”

Positive reactions

According to Feenstra, the reactions to the message in a bottle are almost always positive: “People automatically think of their childhood, the sea and holidays. The invitation therefore immediately gives a positive feeling, so that the message in the bottle also reaches the recipients well.”

Customer loyalty

The message in a bottle is often used for existing contacts of a company. “Customers see that something extra is being done for them. That they are important to a company. And also that the sender is not afraid of innovation and something different. Because sending a message in a bottle is really unique and stands out much more than an invitation in an envelope.”

Interested in a message in a bottle? Ask one free demo in a bottle to LocoMail.