Case Direct Mailing 2D Pop Up Card De Ruiter

De Ruiter, a company that develops and supplies innovative vegetable seeds, wanted to celebrate the 18th anniversary of their Admiro tomato in February. For this they were looking for an original Direct Mail product. In this blog you can read how we designed the 2D Pop-up Card for them.

The company chose our 2D Pop-up Card. This is a card with a 2D image incorporated into the inside. When the card is unfolded, the 2D image pops up. De Ruiter opted for the A5 format. On the front of the card was an image of two balloons with the number 18. The confetti provided a festive whole. De Ruiter also chose red and green as the main colours, the colors of a tomato.

case rider

The inside of the card contained a 2D image of three tomatoes. These unfolded when opening the map. This produced a surprising effect. The balloons and confetti could also be seen in the inside. On the right side was a French text explaining the tomato. The card was appropriately closed with a tomato red back. The end product was a festive card with a surprising effect.

In addition to the standard A5 format of the Pop-up Card, we also have an A6 format. Want to make it even more special? For example, choose our Pop-up sliding card, Mega pop-up card or Pop-up card with layers. We have several special variants. Check out our Pop-up Cards overview page for all variants. Furthermore, this product is made with a cutting plotter, so that a small edition is also possible. This method of production ensures that we can process very small details in the card.

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