Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card

The Dutch company Bodec has been providing targeted support for process innovation, creativity in innovation and new technologies in the food industry for years. To stay ahead in optimizing processes, Bodec has a new machine, the ATFD. This machine has been promoted by Bodec through LocoMail's eye-catching Pop-up Card.

The Pop-up Card is a card that can be sent by post in an envelope. When the recipient opens the card, an image “pops” up, eliciting an enthusiastic response from the recipient. Bodec has chosen to place an image of the new machine on this Pop-up Card. The Pop-up Card is designed entirely according to Bodec's own style.
The advantage of this card is that it generates a nice reaction and curiosity in the recipient, so that he will be inclined to read the entire card. There is enough space for text and images, this can all be completed according to your own wishes.