The perfect structure of a direct mail, that's how you do it!

We all know that a persuasive text inspires action. But a convincing text does not make a perfect one direct mail. Your relation has to open the envelope of the direct mail. Different aspects of direct mail campaigns must fit together perfectly in order to achieve a perfect structure of a direct mail. You get the perfect structure of a direct mail when the design, the message, the timing, the image, the offer and the tone of voice come together in a sublime way.

Locomail is a specialist in the field of direct mail and is therefore happy to help you with the perfect structure of a direct mail. We speak of a party when the direct mail manages to convey the experience well.

Visualizing data selection for the perfect structure of a direct mail

Correct address selection is crucial. The direct mail must reach the intended recipient. The concept of direct mail may be perfect, but if it does not reach the right recipient, the effect of your direct mail will fall apart. Selecting the right external addresses is therefore crucial for your direct mail campaign.

Set up a distinctive direct mail campaign

To set up a direct mail campaign that is both distinctive and effective, we enjoy working closely with our clients. After all, the knowledge of the target group, organization or your product lies with you.

What exactly is it that you want to achieve with the direct mail campaign and what do you want the campaign to convey? These are 2 important points that belong to a perfect structure of a direct mail campaign.

If you have a strong concept for your direct mail and ensure that this is reflected in the final product, the recipient can often recognize that the direct mail comes from you even before opening the direct mail. A big plus.

Conveying the message

The message you want to convey with your direct mail all starts with a perfect structure of a direct mail. We are talking about the elements text, design and image. These elements must be taken care of down to the last detail. They reflect what you want to convey in your direct mail.

Whatever the message of your direct mail may be, a good call to action should absolutely not be missing in a good direct mail.

Compose direct mail

Do you want to compose a direct mail? The Locomail team is happy to assist you. Our creatives have the insight and can provide remarkably effective direct mail. We are known for our products doing what they are supposed to do. This is partly due to the perfect structure of the direct mail. We provide a surprise effect and or striking shape. The message you want to send will come across. Promised!



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