Case Direct Mailing BliQje

By means of a striking direct mailing, the BliQje, MPs ask for attention for an important subject. This was done by patients waiting for a donor organ, in collaboration with organ foundations. Every year 150 people die unnecessarily. There are currently more than 950 people on the waiting list for a donor organ. To share patients' views on the active donor registration system with everyone who can make a difference, MPs are called upon to attend a meeting through the BliQje. Because the message that this DM conveys is clear: the help of MPs regarding the active donor registration system is needed!

An effective direct mailing

It's getting more and more difficult to deal with mailing attract the attention of a large group of people. The chance that a direct mail remains unopened between other mail items is therefore quite high. For an important message that no recipient should miss, it is therefore important to opt for a striking mailing, such as the BliQje. The BliQje is sent as a DM without an envelope. Both the address and the printed label are attached directly to the BliQje. This ensures that the BliQje will differ from and therefore stand out among the other mail items.

The BliQje from this case, sent on behalf of Shirley, has a printed label with catchy and poignant text. The label attracts attention without revealing too much of the content of the mailing, which invites the recipients to open the mailing. When opening the mailing, you will find the insert with the actual message: an invitation for MPs to talk to patients who are waiting for a donor organ. The text on the insert card is short and clear, so that the focus is on the goal and it does not take too much time to find out the purpose and message of the mailing. Shirley's photo and signature make it look like a personal invitation. If the title on the front of this DM did not already motivate the MPs to come to the meeting, the personal closure will.

direct mailing BliQje

Your own BliQje as a surprising DM

The BliQje, as in this case, is the Slide Open BliQje that is resealable. But the BliQje is also available in another variant. That BliQje should, just like a sardine can, be pulled open so that your message has a genuine canned mail is. Both mailings are provided with a printed label and an insert card. The insert cards come in different shapes and sizes, so there is a suitable card for every message.

Are you curious about the possibilities with the BliQje for your own mailing? The employees of LocoMail are happy to think along with you about a suitable direct mail for your company and message!