Case Direct Mailing Telecard Selfmailer Bostik

Bostik is an innovative and leading global player in the field of adhesives, levelling, sealing and sealants. They have used our surprising Telescope card to inform their target group about their services.

Telescope map surprisingly much content

The Telecard self-mailer, also called telescope card, is a unique direct mail that is extremely versatile. The direct mail self-mailer seems a bit ordinary and small at first glance. Until you open the envelope and pull on the side, creating a "ladder effect". The recipient receives no less than three extra pages, which are printed on both sides. The Telecard self-mailer is retracted 9×21 cm and extended 65 cm long. This means extra space for your communication message! Another plus of the Telescoop card is that it is a self-mailer, which means that it saves a lot on postage costs. Use this direct mail and you are guaranteed to receive nice responses!

Curious about our Telescope map?

Are you planning an important event soon and would you like to spread this information in an original way? Then the Telecard self-mailer might be something for you. Have you become curious about the possibilities of this direct mail and what LocoMail can do for you? Then visit the site or contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to set up a successful mailing.

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