Case Direct Mailing TeleCard Luminis

As a company, how do you approach potential customers and convince them that the service offered will help them grow? In this case, Luminis opted for a direct mailing that literally grew in size. That is why sending a TeleCard direct mailing turned out to be the perfect option for this promotion. Curious about how they used the Telescope card? Then read on.

TeleCard Direct Mailing Luminis

Send the TeleCard direct mailing in a unique way

Luminis is a company committed to helping other companies grow by exploring and developing technologies that contribute to growth. The unique approach of this case lies in the fact that Luminis sent the TeleCard direct mailing in the form of a van. The appearance of commercial vehicles and vans will not be unknown. The special effect of the Telescope card is that the card can be extended to almost four times the size of the retracted card. When the recipient extended the card, the van grew longer and the information about Luminis' services became visible. The literal growth of the van thus symbolizes the growth of the customer when they use the services of Luminis.

The specifications for the self-mailer were as follows:

  • Finished size: 90x210mm
  • Extended format: 90x650mm
  • Material: 250 grams Silk MC
  • Weight: 34 grams
  • Printing process: digital toner machine

Creative with direct mailing

Would you also like to send a TeleCard direct mailing? The nice thing about this card is that it is a self-mailer. The card itself can be sent if desired. By closing the mailing with a seal, it is suitable for direct mailing. The map can be printed in full color on eight sides. This double-sided print offers enough space for the message you want to convey. The card has already been used in creative ways by many customers because the special effect lends itself to many different applications. Please take a look at the TeleCard Selfmailer page for further information about this unique product. Any questions? At LocoMail we specialize in unique direct mailing products. Please do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.