Case Direct Mailing Music Card Sunnery James Ryan Marciano

Are you looking for a direct mail to announce a new product or brand? Do you want to do this in an original way? Then the music card is very suitable for this. The Music card with sound, i.e. the sound card, uses a different kind of effect than most of ours direct mail products. This mailing involves the audience in the experience. Opening the music card activates the message. What the receiver hears is entirely up to you.

Music card

You can deliver a sound, with or without a recorded message. This can be, for example, a self-sung song or a new single. Literally turn your mailing into a party by using the music card. You can use this direct mailing as an invitation to a company party, a symposium or a personally recorded greeting.

To make this direct mail more personal, you can personalize it. Just like Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. She used the music chart to announce their new single 'Pray'. They did this in the form of an A5 card.

Depending on the quality of the sound, you can surprise the receiver with 34 (6 kHz) or 17 (12 kHz) seconds of sound. Three standard sizes of the music card are available for the sound cover: A5, A6 or 147x147mm. The sound chip plays your chosen sound recording or music from an angle of 90 degrees or greater when the card is open.

Do you have an original idea for this music card or do you want more information? Then take Contact with us. We are happy to tell you more about this special mailing product.