Case Direct Mailing Bottle Mail Water In Sight

Message in a bottle is a means of communication in which a piece of paper is put in a bottle and then thrown at sea. This time it was not thrown at sea, but Feedback Limburg and I-VY insight used it to invite their relations to a special event called: ''Water in sight''.

Land in sight was transformed into water in sight for this occasion. Those who can respond well to the unpredictability of water, who can work well together, were often the most successful. The Message in a Bottle, the theme, the location and the common thread ensure that they all fit perfectly with the business event.

Why choose a message in a bottle?

The Bottle Mail is a unique shipping package and is guaranteed to stand out in the mail. Imagine: a unique bottle lying between your regular mail items. What will you open first? In 99.9% of cases you keep the Message in a Bottle for last or open it first. Your message comes in the bottle. The message is printed on paper with an authentic look, so that it fits well with the look and feel of the DM product. No envelope on the post The Bottle Mail does not require an envelope and can simply be posted. Your customer's address details are printed on the address label on the bottle.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Read all about this striking item on the product page of the Bottle Mail direct mail. Who knows, this original DM will fit your theme!

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