Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card TU Eindhoven

A special collaboration between Eindhoven University and LocoMail. A personalized mailing has been set up for the Eindhoven University Fund with the aim of raising money to finance new research. This mailing has been distributed among TU/e alumni. Together with LocoMail, a luxuriously finished Turning Card Direct Mailing has been set up, including folder and return envelope.

Turning Card mailing with an important message

The Turning Card endless card was used as a means to convince alumni of the usefulness of new groundbreaking research. The map shows various employees, all accompanied by an explanation of their personal dream in the field of research. The endless card made of 400 grams sulfate cardboard has a size of 200x200mm, finished with a matt laminate for a chic look.


Donation folder

To make it easy for the card recipient to donate money, a 150x150mm four page leaflet was included in the envelope. The folder contained a micro-perforation so that the donation could easily be sent in the appropriate return envelope. Naturally, the folder and envelope of the Turning Card endless card were personalized. This is daily business for LocoMail. We are extremely skilled in personalizing and also synchronizing cards and envelopes.

Successful Mailing Turning Card

A total of almost 25,000 copies of this Turning Card have been purchased by the customer. This large number ensures that we can speak of a very successful mailing. A direct mail product to be proud of. Have you also become interested in a mailing to convey your message to the customer? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you about a personal direct mailing. Are you specifically interested in the Turning Card endless card? There are different sizes and options that will make the mailing a success for you. Look at the collection page of the Turning Card for an overview.