Case Direct Mailing Fireworks Total

Let your store stand out, that was the message of the striking mailing from Vuurwerk Totaal. For a seasonal product such as fireworks, it is important that a mailing makes an impression. Because before you know it, the turn of the year and with it the peak time for fireworks sales will be over. The Mini Out of the Box is perfect for this. A striking mailing product that certainly attracts the attention of the recipient, and the product fits seamlessly with the year-end mailing of Fireworks Total. The four pop-up cubes that pop out of the cover not only refer perfectly to the message on the front 'Let your shop stand out', they are of course also an indirect reference to the popping and jumping fireworks. 

Popping end-of-year mailing Fireworks Total

The Mini Out of The Box as an attention grabber

When the recipient of the mailing pulls the insert card out of the cover, he will be surprised by the pop-up effect of the mailing. Pulling out the insert card gives the mini pop-up cubes room to pop out of the insert card. Just like the insert card and cover sleeve, the cubes can be completely made up in your own design. As can be seen in the mailing of Vuurwerk Totaal, a completely full color printed mailing in a style makes an impression and ensures a coherent whole.

Compared to other pop-up mailings, the Mini Out of the Box offers a lot of space for a creative message. Do you want to communicate text? Then this can be done on the cover sleeve and insert card. But the four small cubes offer a unique opportunity. They can be made individually. Something that is difficult with one of the large variants of the Out of the Box card, because it often no longer forms a whole. The four cubes can all be used for a different message, without detracting from the effect or whole of the total mailing. Take the Fireworks Total mailing as an example. When we look closely at the cubes, we see that all boxes have their own message. From promoting the Facebook presence, to announcing the show. And from naming the current promotions to informing about the fact that a prize has been awarded. Because the house style runs like a red thread through the various boxes, it remains part of the whole despite the different messages.

Banging end-of-year mailing fireworks total

Want to send a blast of a mailing?

Are you inspired by this smashing mailing from Vuurwerk Totaal and are you full of ideas about how you want your message to stand out? Then take a look at our range of original direct mail products to assess which of the products best suits your message, target group and company. If you are unsure or would like to obtain advice about the possibilities of an existing product, or if you would like to inquire about the possibilities of a customized product, please contact our employees. They are happy to think along with you and are happy to help you realize your own smashing mailing.