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SKIM is an international customer insights agency with offices all over the world. For more than 35 years they have been a valued partner for multinationals in various sectors. And now they are looking for new colleagues to strengthen their international team. DNA is central to the message. Is your DNA a match with SKIM's DNA? This message is not only implemented in the design but in the entire mailing. The complexity of DNA can also be found in the acquisition tool chosen by SKIM: the Turning Card.

acquisition-agent-skim-turning-card business card

Business card as an acquisition tool

For this expression, the Turning Card in the business card format was used. But this business card is arranged slightly differently than traditionally known. The business card is not linked to a person, but to the entire company. On the front of the folding card is the job seeker addressed: “Looking for a next step in your career”? This question triggers the recipient of the business card to discover the message within the ad. As soon as the recipient opens the first pages, a QR code will be visible. The following page shows various characteristics that are important to SKIM: including international orientation, analytical skills and ambition to chase your dreams. On the back of the Turning Card there is some extra information about the company and the message to get in touch if the reader thinks they are a DNA match with SKIM.

SKIM thinks 'out of the box' and uses the business card as an acquisition tool. Do you also want the possibilities of a direct mailer as an acquisition tool? Then please contact us. We are happy to think along with you to shape your expression as well as possible. Of course we are also available for other questions regarding our direct mail range.