Direct Mailing SS Rotterdam

During my visit to Rotterdam I took a look at the former flagship of the Holland-America Line: the SS Rotterdam. This ship was a cruise ship in her previous life and has therefore seen a lot of the world. Nowadays the SS Rotterdam is permanently moored in Rotterdam, in Katendrecht that is. Experience the authentic atmosphere at this multifunctional location! You can dine, meet, work, party and spend the night there. And all this with a unique view of the Maas and the skyline of Rotterdam.

Bottle Post SS Rotterdam Direct Mail Case
Message in a bottle was used by SS Rotterdam to share their message with their target group.

LocoMail's Bottle Mail fits perfectly with this theme! Perhaps a real Message in a Bottle was launched in the days when 'La Grande Dame' still traveled the world. Who knows, at least you get that feeling when you are on the ship. To complete the visitor experience, children are given the Message in a Bottle to send. The unique appearance immediately attracts attention and invites you to open the 'mail'. The Bottle Mail is especially for the little ones, with a beautiful image on the bottle and a letter inside the bottle with fun facts about the ship. For example, did you know that the ship weighs as much as 1950 elephants?

Do you want to reach your target group in an original way, just like the SS Rotterdam? Then LocoMail is the right place for you! See what the direct mail  products for your direct marketing campaign. Read on the product page of the Message in a Bottle all about this eye-catching direct mail. Request a free sample and/or a no-obligation quote via the website. Want to stay informed about my discoveries and fun inspiring cases? Follow LocoMail on Twitter and Linked-In!

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