Durable Sliding Card Nespresso

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the world, including in the printing industry. For example, there are increasingly more sustainable ways of printing, shipping, but also paper types such as recycled natural cardboard. A direct mailing has been developed for an order from Nespresso, made from this sustainable type of paper. We would like to tell you more about this case and its benefits in this blog.  

Sustainable direct mailing

From Nespresso a new coffee machine was developed that had to be announced in an appropriate manner. They have chosen to do this through a Slider Card, also called a Twin slider. This is a card where a card can be extended on both sides. In the case of Nespresso, sustainable paper has been used, namely 100% recycled natural cardboard. This cardboard is a matt uncoated type of paper, which means that printed matter can be supplied in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable slide card Nespresso

Possibilities Slide card

The sliding card is not only available in different paper types, but also in different shapes and sizes. For example, consider one sliding card with window or a slide card in its own shape. The advantage of the sliding card is that the attention of the recipient is held longer than with a standard direct mailing. This attention is brought about by the interactive part of the map. Another advantage of the sliding map is that you can store a lot of information in the form of images and text through the various components.

Sustainable slide card Nespresso

Curious about using a sliding card for your own purposes? Experience this form of direct mailing in real life, through one sample box to request. This box consists of several Locomail products. You can also directly Request quote, which we will send you as soon as possible by e-mail. If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us on 030 – 26 18 086 or contact@locobrands.nl.