Case Direct Mailing ChangeCard Bengelmedia

Commissioned by Bengelmedia, LocoMail has produced a ChangeCard for Accord employment agency. An original way to reach your customers via direct mail. A ChangeCard is perfect for sharing special news. Because there is a change of images, you can, for example, display an old and new situation by means of the two images. When the map is opened, you will first see the old situation. Through to the Curtain card you will gradually see the new situation appear. In the example of Accord, the ChangeCard was used to reveal their new logo. When the card is opened, the old logo can be seen with the text: Accord introduces the new logo, exciting! When the card is then pulled, the new logo appears. In this way, customers are reminded of what the old logo looked like and they immediately see in which ways the new logo is an improvement.


Self mailer

What makes this ChangeCard extra special is that it is a Selfmailer. That means the address details can be printed on the outside of the card, eliminating the need for an envelope. In addition, the lightweight card is only 24 grams, which means that we can offer favorable postage costs! If you prefer an envelope, we can also provide this for you. The envelope can, just like the ChangeCard, can be printed in full colour, but a standard envelope is also possible.


Are you also looking for an original direct mail with which you want to announce news such as a move, new house style or introduction of a new product? Then choose the Curtain card! The perfect direct mail if you want to surprise the recipient! In addition, we offer you the opportunity to request a free sample or a non-binding offer for an eye-catching mailing.