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The self-mailer is a simple but effective way to spread your message. The self-mailer is a folded mail item (partly closed), which is sent without foil, envelope or banderole. With a catchy message on the front you will make the recipient curious about the rest of the content. All this in line with your message and/or house style. LocoMail offers you original self-mailers with a high attention value.

LocoMail has different types of self-mailers with a unique surprise effect. Click on the link to learn more about the product.

All our self-mailers are provided with a full color print. You can design the self-mailer entirely according to your own wishes. You can use the direct mail used for numerous purposes. Whether it is informative or intended for sales, it is all possible. Our self-mailers are versatile and suitable for both small and large communication messages. By, among other things, using a minimum edition of 20 pieces and fast delivery times, we want to make it possible for everyone to send an eye-catching mailing. Moreover, our self-mailers are also light in weight, which means you can save a lot of money on postage costs.

Our other striking self-mailers

Movecard self-mailer direct mail

Movecard self-mailer

A unique self-mailer where the message is literally told. By pulling the flap, the nine full-colour printed pages turn automatically. A catchy direct mail that will not soon be forgotten.
Click here to go to the Movecard self-mailer.

ChangeCard self-mailer direct mail

ChangeCard self-mailer

A self-mailer with a unique slatted effect. Pull the flap and you will see the image change. Ideal for name changes or product launches.
Click here to go to the ChangeCard self-mailer.

Telecard self-mailer direct mail

Telecard self-mailer

An original DM with a ladder effect. There are four pages available for you to express your message. As the ladder is extended, your recipient will receive more and more new information.
Click here to go to the page Telecard self-mailer.

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