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On June 14, a number of large organizations organized the IT Inspiration day. A day on which IT professionals are encouraged to innovate and activate, through short presentations and interactive breakouts. LocoMails Turning Card was used to invite the professionals to this event.

 This revolving card looks pretty normal from the outside but on the inside it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth. When the recipient opens the envelope, two things immediately catch the eye: the full color printed card and the Turning Card user manual. The mailing, which consists of 4 pages, can be folded endlessly thanks to its patented folding technique. With every fold a new page appears and its message unfolds.

For example, the folding card for the SAP IT day on the second page contains all information about the event. It explains what the event entails, for whom it is intended and how the professionals can register as soon as possible to be sure of participation. Then the receiver comes to the 3e page highlights of the event, which are explained briefly and concisely.

A nice visual effect of this design is that the virtual reality glasses that can be seen on the front also rotate to the following pages. On the last page, the organizations that participate in the event are mentioned and the professionals are again called upon to register for the event.

pivot map SAP

The turntable mailing

The LocoMix revolving card is available in 7 variants. From the size of a business card to 20×20 cm! Each format has its own advantages, the 13×13 format is favorable in terms of postage costs and you can easily distribute the business card format to relations.

To make the mailing complete, an insert card can also be added to the flip card that can serve as a reply card or coupon, for example. The Turning Card and any insert card come together in the envelope which, if desired, can be printed in full color in your own design!

Your own striking mailing

Are you curious about what your own Turning Card could look like or do you have special wishes? Then contact us! Our employees are happy to help you choose a suitable mailing. Of course, this also applies to our other mailing products such as the Out of the Box, the Pop-up Sliding Card or the Wobble Card!