The retro invitation puzzle appears to be extremely popular among hip people. The design can be designed yourself, so it does not consist of old-fashioned small talk, but it is well thought-out designs.

Text puzzle

In addition, the text can also be adjusted, so you can play with words. The puzzle is not only fun for children, but also popular among adults. Because everyone unintentionally thinks back to his or her childhood, the puzzle gives a positive feeling.

Event invitation

The puzzle is therefore extremely suitable as a retro invitation for an anniversary, birthday or other event. People think it's 'nice' that they receive a puzzle, get to work with the pieces and then see a nice invitation to a party as a gift for their effort.

The puzzle is retro, but modern. Can be fully customized with your own design and can be ordered from 20 pieces.

Puzzle as an invitation

The puzzle is suitable as an invitation for a company anniversary, a company relocation card, as an invitation for a company outing, an invitation for a business anniversary and direct marketing.

The Utrecht company LocoMail makes unique invitations, direct mailing and direct marketing in the Netherlands. You can find direct mailing on Twitter and direct mailings on LinkedIn.