Case Direct Mailing Popcorn Box Red Cross Flanders

Our popcorn box mailing is a popular direct mail product in this time of corona. This gives you a bit of that cinema atmosphere that many people miss in this day and age. The Red Cross Flanders used the popcorn box for their very first digital Prelude. In this blog you can read more about the popcorn box and how The Red Cross has used it.

case-red-cross-popcorn bowl

This year was the very first digital Prelude of the Red Cross Flanders. Prior to the event, the participants received our popcorn box, so that they could enjoy the snack during the event. The popcorn box is very suitable for an activity where video is used, because it allows you to imitate the cinema atmosphere. There is room for your own text on this direct mail product. For example, the Red Cross put a link to the website and the date and time of the broadcast.

The popcorn box has a standard print of red and white stripes and a picture of popcorn on the inside, but this can be printed entirely according to your wishes. Both the inside and outside of the tank. There is also space for your logo. The box contains a 100 gram bag of corn kernels, where you can choose between salty and sweet.

case-red-cross-popcorn bowl

In addition to the popcorn box, we also have one Popcorn Card Mailing containing a bag of corn kernels. The Popcorn Card Mailing has two grooves on the side, so that the cover fits perfectly around the popcorn. Both the box and the card can be expanded with a Pathé gift card with a unique code. Nice for when the cinemas open their doors again!

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