Case Direct Mailing Crowns Custom Made

A company that does not make use of Queen's Day is missing a golden opportunity. Almost every Dutch person loves this day, if only because we are collectively free from work. A good opportunity to do something fun for your customers and to advertise. It depends on your type of company, which marketing tools you can use.

Send card
Are you throwing a party as a company or do you have a special promotion around Queen's Day, for example a competition? Then inform your customers by means of an email original map. Of course the card is orange, but also with a crown or an extra present, for example. This way your card will stand out and you will get the attention of your customer.

Free giveaways
Large companies can deploy promotional people on the street free giveaways to give away during the free market on Queen's Day. But even if you have a small booth, this is the right time to address a large group of people for free. Make sure the product you give away is sustainable. A flyer ends up directly on the street, a printed candy is immediately eaten. However, if you give the candy in a printed box, people are more likely to keep it and put it on the table at home. So make sure that your give away is taken with you and is not immediately thrown away.

Give away a free crown
However, if you give away a printed crown, the recipients will probably put it on immediately, thereby also promoting your company to the people around them. You can also send such a crown by post in advance, for example to regular customers or relations. A make a crown is easy, cheap and effective as a marketing product.