Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card Haarlemmermeer Lyceum

Promotion Open Day Haarlemmermeer Lyceum

How do you ensure that everyone goes home with an enthusiastic feeling after an open day? LocoMail has used the Pop Up Card for the promotion of open day Haarlemmermeer Lyceum to maintain that enthusiasm! This special map was made in large numbers for Location Zuidrand. We are happy to explain why this card is such a success.

Promotion Open Day

Promotional material Pop Up open day

The Pop Up Cards for promotion open day Haarlemmermeer Lyceum are made with the idea to make everyone familiar in a clear way. Find your way with the location, working method of the lyceum and to get a positive picture of this VWO | HAVO secondary school. The Pop Up is printed on both sides in full colour. This gives the whole a cheerful appearance. The spearheads of this lyceum are depicted on the pop-up element. A smart way to draw attention to this important information. Everyone will notice the element, as it pops up when opening the card!

By using a personalized 'folder' during an open day, you can be sure that your house style and message will be conveyed to visitors in a suitable and enthusiastic manner. They will take this luxury card home and look through it again at home. The Pop Up effect makes it even more likely that people will remember the open day!

Pop Up card also something for you?

Is such a special and unique card something for your occasion? The Pop Up card can be fully customized to your liking. For example, the pop-up element can be formed into a shape that benefits you. We at LocoMail like to think along with you. This card can be produced in every price range, so that the budget used remains limited. Would you like to receive a sample? Then ask our sample box On! Or would you rather receive the sample box with a quotation? Then ask one sample box and a quote direct mail On.

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