Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Huisje Vrije Primary School

Although the school year is almost over for most primary school students, many of the primary schools themselves are already preparing for the new school year. This includes primary school VSB Heizijde from Lebbeke. To attract new students, the primary school uses a striking and surprising promotional mailing from LocoMail!

 Cottage as a promotional mailing

The pop-up mailing itself is designed in a house. The roof tiles, doors and windows make the mailing look exactly like a school building. A perfect addition to a primary school mailing.

For the appearance of the school building, the fresh colors blue and green have been chosen. As a result, the white text, which can be found all over the house, stands out well and the texts are pleasant to read. The house offers more than enough space for communication messages and the primary school has made good use of this space. For example, the contact information is on the bottom of the house, this side is also printed in full color!

promotional mailing cottage free primary school

All pop-up mailings of LocoMail have a surprising effect. The same goes for the promotional mailing for primary school. It is a mailing that certainly attracts the attention of both potential new students and their parents. When the recipient opens the special envelope, the mailing literally jumps out of the envelope!

VSB Heizijde has chosen to send or give away the mailing in a matching full-colour printed envelope that emphasizes the surprising effect of the direct mail makes possible. This makes the mailing not only perfect to send, but also very nice to give away after an open day, for example. This way, in this case the school, also remains top of mind at home!

The front of the envelope, which can be seen in the photo above, is kept simple with some icons and text. However, the back of the envelope is completely occupied by a group photo of students and teachers, which gives the envelope a nice personal effect.

Your own surprising mailing?

Are you also looking for a surprising mailing for your school or company? LocoMail has an extensive range of surprising and special direct mailings. Are you curious about what we can do for your company? Please feel free to contact one of our employees, they are happy to think along with you!