Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Canon

The introduction of a new product: how do you make it original? It can be quite a quest to find a suitable way to make it clear to everyone what it's all about in one fell swoop! That is why LocoMail has made an example of two special cards that serve exactly this purpose: product introduction. We are happy to explain them, read on!

Product introduction direct mailing

A Slider Card is one of the best ways to put a certain product in the spotlight. This is a map that you can make in the shape of the product itself, with various scrollable parts. Information can be placed anywhere on the map. Do you want to surprise people? Use the scroll windows to name the special features!

LocoMail thinks along with companies, because a sliding card can be produced in different ways. An example is sketched on the images. In this case we are talking about a large Canon printer. One version of the sliding card covers the full width of the printer and has a sliding window at the bottom.

The other version shown in the picture is the Twin Slider. This is a card that, when you pull the side panel, extends completely! This exposes the entire printer. You can put information about the product on the back. This way the recipient is immediately aware of the most important ins & outs of your new product.

Sliding cards in 2 ways

Have you become interested in the Slider Cards, but do you have any questions? Then take a moment Contact with us. You can also request one without obligation quotation request, where you can indicate what your wishes are. In addition, a Sample Box always a good idea! This contains the samples of cards that you are interested in. Then you can clearly see what our products can actually look like. LocoMail has been the specialist in the field of direct mailing for many years. May we also convince you?