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Various graphic techniques apply to the production of our direct mailing products. In addition, the mailing can be processed with different ways of digital printing. Your choice for a specific printing technique can be determined by various properties. For example, some printing techniques give the print a luxurious look. But are other ways of digital printing a better choice when you work with a tight deadline. On this page you will find more information about our different printing techniques. Read more about processing your printed matter on a toner machine, matt or gloss lamination and the quality of an Indigo printer. All these printing techniques can be applied to our direct mail products.

Offer different printing techniques

When you request a free quote from one of our direct mail, you can indicate in the comments field whether you have a preference for a certain printing technique. This can then be included in the quotation, so that you immediately have a complete picture of the costs of the mailing and the print. Of course it is also possible to compare the costs of different techniques. Do you have questions about digital printing a quotation request or one of the printing techniques below? Then please contact us. Our employees are happy to think along with you about which method of digital printing best suits your needs.

toner machine

At LocoMail we produce your direct mail digitally on a toner machine as standard. The entire production takes place at our own location, which allows us to achieve a short lead time. So do you have an assignment for us where the mat date is quickly approaching? Then digital printing on a toner machine is an ideal solution. Processing printed matter on a toner machine has the additional advantage that different, unique data can be added per page. This gives you the opportunity to make your direct mail unique per item so that your mailing becomes even more personal! Consider, for example, adding personal login codes or a personalized salutation.

Digital printing works with CMYK colors, which means that the use of Pantone colors is not possible. If you still want to use Pantone colors, you can choose to have your printed matter processed on an HP Indigo or printing press.

Printing techniques-Toner-LocoMail

Laminate flooring

Have you decided to process your printed matter digitally on a toner machine for a short lead time? By having your printed matter also provided with laminate, you can take the printed matter to a higher level! You have two choices here, you can choose matt laminate or gloss laminate. A laminated surface is even fuller in color and makes visual material stand out even more.

Besides the fact that your direct mail will look even better, the laminate also has a protective function. By applying matte or glossy laminate, your printed matter is less susceptible to scratches. This is especially recommended if you choose to have your printed matter printed on an Indigo machine.

Printing techniques-Toner-Varnish-Laminate

HP Indigo

The biggest advantage of processing your printed matter on an HP indigo is the quality of the print. The quality of this digital printing method can be compared to offset printing. Do you have a small print run that may need to be personalized, but you don't want to go for less than the quality you are used to from offset printing? Then choose to have your order printed on an Indigo printer. To prevent scratches on the printed matter, we recommend finishing your print with, for example, matt varnish or dispersion varnish.

A striking option when you choose this printing technique is the option to apply raised print. This printing technique highlights part of the mailing because it is finished with an extra layer. This way you can emphasize important elements of the mailing.