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Our Turning Card is available in all shapes and sizes. For example, our smallest size is 11x14mm. PR agency Pressure chose this small but nice format to inform people about their company. Are you curious about the possibilities of this and our other folding cards? We tell you all about it in this case.

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The Turn card is a card with a special property. You can fold it infinitely. The map consists of four sides. With each fold, the recipient gets to see a little more information. The folding cards are suitable for all kinds of communication purposes. Pressure used it to inform people about their company, but you can also use it as a brochure or New Year's card, for example.

Pressure chose the folding cards of 11x14mm. The company fully implemented their pink house style color in the design. The front read: “Meet Pressure. The full service PR agency of Amsterdam. On the second page they named their customers and activities. The third page contained the account director's contact details and the card closed with the remaining contact details.

folding cards-locomail-direct-mail

Possibilities folding cards

In addition to our smallest size, we have a whole lot of other sizes. Our largest variant is the 20x20mm folding card, with extra space for your message. Ours is extra special round folding card, which stands out for its round shape. It is also possible to have a shape of your choice made. Think of the shape of a heart or your logo. For example, we have made the Douwe Egberts flower and the KNVB shield. You can read about the possibilities of this on the page of the custom shape folding card.

Do you need additional information about our folding cards? Please rest assured Contact contact us or request one without obligation quotation On. We have a special one for customers who still want to orient themselves on our direct mail products sample box. You determine the content yourself. You can also request this without obligation.