Case Direct Mailing Power Pen Tray IPAR

Power pen tray for IPAR

IPAR industrial partners has chosen to use a Power Pen Tray as a marketing tool and to invite their relations to subscribe to the IPAR newsletter. IPAR has been a supplier of parts for industrial vehicles and machines for over 50 years.

The Hexagon Pen Tray has many characteristics of a good direct mail; the direct mail contains a clear call-to-action. The direct mail contains a clear call to action (read: action that must be carried out by the recipient), namely registering for the newsletter, with a nice gift as a reward. The design of the Power Pen Tray is in line with the company's use of color and visual material, among other things. Last; the marketing tool is also multifunctional, it can be used as a pen tray with one simple folding movement.

Possibilities Power Pen tray

The Power Pen Tray is standard printed on one side in full color. If desired, it is also possible to have the pen tray printed on both sides. Just like our other products, this direct mail is entirely up to you. The Hexagon Pen Tray is extremely suitable for both small and large communications. Do you want to lose even more? It is possible to add a cover letter in the envelope. The envelope can be made to measure: envelope with window, logo printing on the envelope or bleed printing are possible.

Your own Power Pencil Box mailing

Have you become curious about the possibilities for your own Hexagon Pen Tray or other direct mails? Please contact one of our employees, they can help you find the most effective mailing for your company. Tip: the end of the year is approaching, and the Power Pen Box is perfect for sending as an end-of-year mailing. There is enough space on this direct mail to process a 2017 annual calendar, including holidays and other important dates that are relevant to your company. This way your relations stay informed. In addition to that, they also have a handy product to store their pens in.