Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Hexagon

Do you want to approach your potential customers in an original and eye-catching way? And you really have no idea how to do this? We are happy to offer you a solution that guarantees success. The Hexagoon pop-up card is one of the possibilities with which you have a fully personalized mailing in your hands.

To illustrate one of the possibilities of using the Hexagon, we look at the case of Tifogame. Tifogame is a company that offers free football predictions and was eager to further market its services. LocoMail has contributed here! In 2020, you can no longer really bring a message to the attention with a simple mailing or an email. No, for great impact and wide distribution of the message, use one of our direct mail products. These provide a double impact!

A Hexagon is a card that pops out of the envelope when it is opened. This creates a pop-up ball in the shape of the hexagon. Each side, and the envelope, is fully customizable. With the help of LocoMail employees you can find a unique way to bring your new service or existing product to the attention. But: there is not one product that is the right choice. There is a wide range to choose from and to draw inspiration from.

Tifogame has received very positive reactions to this mailing. What are you waiting for, you can achieve the same! View all options on our category page. Do you have questions? Call or email us, we are happy to help you with an idea for the unique direct mailing products.