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Spring cube: pop up self riser direct mail

The LocoMail Out of the Box Card is a jumping cube that will surprise everyone. This direct mailing literally jumps out of the envelope the moment it is opened. For this reason, the Out of the Box card is also called Pop up Cube or jumping cube. Due to the way the direct mail product is put together, the jumping cube is a self riser.

The jumping cube or Out of the Box Card not only has a unique surprise effect, but is also unique because the jumping cube can be completely designed according to your own wishes. The entire cube is customizable and there are no less than 6 surfaces that can be printed in full color. The jumping cube can be printed with a photo, logo, your own design and a self-written text.

Bouncy cube as playful direct mail

Various jumping cubes as direct mailing

The Pop-up Self Riser in its cube shape is a classic, but LocoMail has all kinds of variants jumping cube available. Think of a Pop up self riser House, Hexagon or a pen holder. Due to the different variants of the spring cube and the possibility to arrange the surfaces on the direct mailing completely according to your wishes, the spring cube direct mailing offers endless possibilities. For example, this Pop up self riser direct mailing is suitable as an invitation for a company anniversary, moving card, an invitation for a company outing and of course for direct marketing.

Out of the Box and other direct mail

If you are interested in a variant of the jumping cube, you can go to the product page of the Out of the Box Card request a quote without obligation and free of charge. If you are curious about LocoMail's other direct mailing products, take a look our direct mail products. Would you like to experience our playful Out of the Box or one of the other products in real life? Then ask one demo pack On. If you have any questions about whether the jumping cube is the direct mail product that suits your message? Then contact one of the employees, they have the expertise to help with the design, text and design of the direct mail.

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