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Discover the power of a pop-up mailing

Pop-up mailing

The pop-up cube is an effective direct mailing. This popup mailing is an effective tool with which you can reach your target group. The pop-up mailing is different than usual and your target group is guaranteed to be surprised.

Possibilities pop-up mailing

A popup mailing offers many possibilities. You can adapt the design of the popup mailing to your house style. If you do not have a graphic department within your company, we can make a design that meets your needs. To give your product a personal touch, you can choose to personalize the products. This can be addressed to the company but also to a person. Definitely a point to consider as a personal touch is appreciated.

Send pop-up mailing

If you are going to send a large mailing, LocoMail can do the sending for you. With this we take a burden off your hands. We can also do this at attractive postage costs. We can give you a discount on various delivery services: 24, 48 and 72 hours. For questions about shipping, please contact one of our employees.

Free samples popup mailing

Interested in a popup mailing. Request free samples from a popup mailing now. You will be amazed at the power of a physical mailing.