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Pop-up house

The Pop up house is a unique form of direct mailing. Us Pop-up Cottage creates a real surprise effect. A unique effect that your customers have never experienced before. As a result, the message always sticks. Why? That's because people will remember the surprise effect of a jumping card and link it to your company's message.

The pop up house pop up effect

The name of the mailing says it all, but our Pop up house really jumps out of the envelope. As soon as the recipient opens the mail, the journey begins. As we indicated, this creates a surprise effect for the customer. Now we have only talked about the Pop up house itself. Put your unique message on the Pop up house. Complete the direct mail in your own house style. This in turn ensures recognition by the receiver. It doesn't matter what the message is. You can highlight a new product, thank the recipient for your relationship or express a New Year's wish.

Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card Amsterdamned
Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card

Personalize the pop up house

Personalize the Pop up house that you can interpret in 2 ways. We will explain what they are. Personalize the Pop up house in your own house style. Ensure recognition, ensure that the recipient comes into contact with your company name and services or products. Second, personalize the content, where possible, to the needs of the recipient. Personal address ensures that the recipient feels seen.

For every occasion

Our Pop up house can be used for any occasion. What do you use our unique pop up house for? This can be done for advertising, relationship maintenance and retention or to realize the top-of-mind idea for the recipient. Nothing is too crazy for us. Many beautiful customers preceded you. We are happy to think along with you to take your communication expressions to the next level and with success! Take it easy Contact contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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